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5th Generation Cattle Ranching Operation

Our family began raising cattle in the lush grasses of the Big Sur mountains in 1891.  Five generations of Doud cattle ranchers have been stewards of the land.  The family has worked to preserve the majestic landscape and old growth redwood trees since the end of the 1800s and ensure it's intact beauty for generations to come. The skills of ranching in this rugged terrain have been passed down through the generations from father to son on the ranch. We continue to honor this tradition, providing a 100 year old heritage line of black angus beef to you.


Francis Doud

Francis Doud purchased the ranch in Big Sur in 1891, after a career in the military.  He began supplying beef to the Monterey Presidio. Francis was issued one the first 100 brands in California.  

Edward Doud



Edward was raised in the verdant Big Sur coast.  He was able to increase his ability to move cattle across pasture land to promote practices to naturally enhance the productivity of the native grass growth and prevent over grazing.

John Francis Doud

John served and was injured in World War I. He continued ranching after the army and raised two children. He witnessed many advances in technology and eating habits in his 90 years.   

John Edward Doud


John carried on the proud tradition of ranching.  He studied agriculture and land management at UC Davis. He and his wife raised four children. John has held long standing beliefs about the benefits of a healthy diet and the nutritional contributions  of grass fed beef.

John  Patrick  Doud


John studied animal sciences at Cal Poly University.  He began ranching after college along side his father.  John now operates the business. He is passionate about preserving the integrity of cattle ranching and insuring the unspoiled 

beauty of this pristine range land.

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